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Decorating with Burlap

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Burlap: [bur-lap] -a plain-woven, coarse fabric of jute, hemp, or the like; gunny.

"The strength of burlap is renowned, as it is hard to tear and can stand up to great pressure. Burlap is extremely weather resistant and can be dried over and over again after becoming moist. It is also available in many widths, weights and forms. Burlap is able to be colored, sewn, treated to protect against rotting and even laminated."

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Farm House Style Kitchen from HGTV
Burlap has gotten really popular in recent months in decorating home interiors.  Not only does it provide great texture and depth to a space, but it gives off a warm and comfortable vibe as well.  Burlap is versitile, too.  You can use it to make a space feel rustic like a barn or luxurious, yet comfortable, as in a French Laundry style.

French Laundry Style from Houzz

I started decorating with burlap by purchasing 96" burlap panels with a ruffle detail for my foyer and living room.  Maddie, my seven year old daughter, promptly told me, "that looks like barn fabric!"  Exactly!  That is why I wanted it!  It has always been my dream to live on a farm.  So, I decided, until that day comes, I will just pretend by  Decorating in a "farmhouse" style.  :)

Anyone that knows me, knows I don't pay full price for anything!  Because of that, sometimes it takes me a little while to have my rooms complete.  However, these panels were a wonderful start! Bargain hunting is part of the fun, anyway! --Right?!

And that's the most beautiufl part of decorating with burlap! Burlap is very inexpensive. So, if you can sew or are crafty, you can make your decor for a fraction of what it would cost with other fabrics. Burlap, even in colors, can be purchased for a few dollars a yard! Beautiful and cheap-- you can't beat that!

Below are some beautiful examples of decorating with burlap:

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs
Cute Pink Stuff

Ballard Designs

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